The baking process is a fun and useful activity for the whole family. Learning about nutrition early is a great way to teach children to make healthy dietary decisions as they grow. Children can gain many benefits from cooking, such as planning skills and hand-eye coordination.

Here are recipe ideas from Mrs. Maya that you can bake with your kids!

Gourmet Pizza 🍕

Tips: Draw shapes for the top. With younger kids it’s simpler, but with older kids the ideas can be endless.

You can see our recipe at the link:

Bread in the shape of a soccer ball ⚽️

Tip: You can turn this fun looking bread into a great and healthy sandwich for your child!

You can see our recipe from the link:

Blinis 🥞

Tip: You can use your creativity to make delicious pancakes for your kids!

You can see our recipe from the link: